When I’m particularly stressed or overwhelmed it can be hard to tackle a “project.”  There are countless books like David Allen’s Getting Things Done or Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird that discuss the process of tackling things a little at a time.

My version of that is a panel a day.  Doing a comic book takes less people than a movie, but it still takes a lot of work for one person.  I do all the writing, penciling, inking, coloring, lettering, etc.  So, Everything takes a while.

Things have been rough over here personally, but I’m working hard to move forward and keep things going.

So, we’re bringing back: Panel a Day.

I’ll post the panels that I do per day – and be like, well I got this done today – and maybe talk a bit about it.

Today is:

20180616_112154 We have our thief making his getaway.  You’ll see the cute Corgi coming up here soon. Until tomorrow!