So… here’s a preview for today’s page.  Go to Scared by the Bell to see the full page and catch up on the story thus far. sbtb previewii

So, today I figured something out.  I’m sure to some people this will be obvious and a little silly.  But, I noticed when I posted pages to TUMBLR or to TWITTER they looked a little blown out, kind of over saturated.

The one on the left is CMYK posted to the web, and the one on the right is RGB posted to the web.

So, I guess CMYK just doesn’t turn out all that well on the web.  In print it looks good, but on the web it looks kinda blown out.  I wonder how many other pages for issue one and two are like this.  I routinely post RGB files to DeviantArt (because they make me change the file format) but it only now just clicked.

I’ll have to go back and swap out the files slowly for the earlier pages to make sure everything looks nice.

Well, that’s a relief!  That was bothering me.

I did a drawing this week that I’ll probably turn into a print to sell at comic conventions.  It’s a kind of brainstorming for an idea I have for another comic, that isn’t fully formed.


I’m not totally sure what it would be.  The idea came as I was listening to LIGHTS on Spotify (who also has a comic of her album she drew I guess?  So that’s kinda cool).  She has an acoustic version of one of her albums and I said to my friend Jacqueline, it reminds me of a Coffee Shop Crush I never had.  So, I liked that – Coffee Shop Crush.  So, I’ve been noodling around with the idea.

Here’s a little #WIP fun for Issue Three.


A couple weeks ago I wrote a letter to Terry Moore (who btw has a new book coming out this week, everyone should go buy.  He’s returning to “Strangers in Paradise”)


I asked him about submitting to a small press like Alterna, when is a good idea to think about doing that.  He wrote back a three paragraph email!  He looked at my comic, and at Alterna and gave me some thoughts.  Pretty cool, huh?  If you haven’t checked out Terry Moore, I highly recommend his work.  I really enjoyed “Motor Girl” and “Rachel Rising.”  I’m a late comer to “Strangers in Paradise,” but I’m digging it so far!

The general idea being to worry about building up an audience.  I don’t think he was pushing  me one way or the other.  But I’m going to stay put and keep being small with my comic so that one day I can go to Dark Horse or whoever and say, these are my metrics, this is my audience, let’s publish together.  Rather than begging to be published.

So, now that I’m drawing issue 3 again, I’ll be posting a lot to Instagram, etc.  There are some videos (which you can watch for free of you have  Library Card) on social media marketing, so I’ll slowly chip away at those.

I’ll be starting a class next week at CSUN to catch up on undergrad English classes (I’m contemplating Grad School).  I wonder what going back to college at 39 will be like.  I suspect I will find it easier.  I’m older, my study habits are developed, I know what I want, etc.  We shall see.


This Saturday (tomorrow) I’ll be signing at Ventura’s Hypno Comics.  They’re doing a fundraiser and having some comic folks there.  Bernard Chang and Howard Chaykin are going to be there… and little o’l me!  I’ll try and have someone take pictures.

Friday is marketing day.  So, I’ll start pinging folks about signings, and reviews.

A general breakdown of my schedule for comics is thus:

  • M-R – Comics (penciling, inking)
  • Friday (marketing)
  • Sat Morning – Coloring
  • Sunday – Skills building (watching colorizing tutorials, skillshare videos, etc)

I do like the Jack Dorsey method of doing things.  He would break down certain things for certain days.  I like to apply that to comics and other things as much as possible.