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I’m almost done lettering issue two.  Initially I had hand lettered everything – but I opted for digital lettering about half way through the run.  I’d like to have my comic in different languages, and that will be lots easier with digital lettering.

I should be done with issue two and send it off to the printers next week.  I will also re-post issue two on all the webcomic sites – so that they can see the recolor.


We did some signings.  Here’s a picture:


That’s George, the owner/operator of Hypno Comics in Ventura.  Ventura had those awful fires.  Many people lost their homes, or had to evacuate until fires were gone.  I believe it is still going out in the hills.  We donated all the proceeds to a Hypno Comics family who lost their home in the fire. It turned out well!


New Year’s resolutions.  I’ll be doing more signings, and just getting the comic out.  I’d like to start doing daily sketches, etc.

More importantly, I’m really drilling down and focusing – saying no more – so that I can have more time.


Comics just take a lot of work.  I feel like the more I work on my own stuff, I am that much more appreciative of other people’s work and how much time and effort it takes.


Growing Gills by Jessica Abel

I’ve followed her website writings on and off for years.  I picked this up and was not disappointed.  She has some brass tacks advice for creatives.

A Wise Man’s Fear – Patrick Rothfuss

I’m almost done with this 1100 page book and I couldn’t be more depressed.  Rothfuss is an extremely enjoyable writer, and I’ll miss reading the book when it’s done.  He has a third book in the works, but there is no specific release date.

The Osamu Tezuka Story

I got this book from a website called, Right Stuff Anime.  It usually has a lot of sales.  This book is huge.  HUGE! It’s 928 pages long.  It’s Tezuka’s life story.  I don’t know enough about Tezuka.  I discovered him in reverse by way of the Urasawa/Tezuka “Pluto” books.


Sigh.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of, “The Last Jedi.”  It seems I wasn’t the only one.  I didn’t hate it.  I wasn’t in the, “remove it from canon” crowd.  But, I was just disappointed.  But, movies like this encourage me to do my own work.  That’s the thing about comics, or novels.  No budget!  You can write or draw your own space saga!