Here’s today’s page for “Scared by the Bell.”


Goldilocks is a new character that will get Peter in some serious trouble.  When I initially thought of Goldilocks, right away I had to start off with the Three Bears.  You’ll see it gets a little more action packed — but what kind of a girl, creeps into people’s houses and eats their food, sits in their chairs, and sleeps in their beds?

We’ll end up delving into some of Goldilocks and her problems, but right away, a girl who does those types of activities is definitely a troublemaker.  A pretty girl, who is a trouble maker.  That’s a recipe for disaster for a junior high boy who is just trying to figure himself out.

The first two issues, were introducing readers to Peter and the cast of characters at the school.  The next two issues (issue 3 and 4… and maybe 5) will feature a Peter and Goldilocks (and some other folks) arc.

No doubt he will be making some mistakes and having to recover.  So, I look forward to everyone’s thoughts on Goldilocks on this new two issue arc.

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