So, when I first started Scared by the Bell, it was all black and white line art.  I just wanted to get it done and up, and not trouble myself too much with any colors, etc.

Over the year I’ve taken two classes at Meltdown Comics (digital production and then digital coloring) and started to take on flatting jobs here and there (I did one for Superman!).

I started coloring issue two, first with flats, and then figuring out things.  Now that we’re nearing the end of issue two, I’m going back and re-coloring issue one, and then I’ll upgrade issue two as well —

So here’s some early pages:

Screenshot 2017-10-14 07.54.34

And the re-color:

Screenshot 2017-10-14 07.49.56

Original art:

Screenshot 2017-10-14 07.54.42

And the re-color:

Screenshot 2017-10-14 07.54.05

Just a quick update, for ya’ll!