Page 20.  New page up over at: SBTB_PG20_THUMB

So, the greytones are an idea to make it a little easier to get something up besides flats, give the web its own character, and then spend more time later, going through and actually coloring the book for print.

I’m not totally sold on this because, on some level, the audiences for print vs web will be almost completely different. The people who view the work online, are different from the ones who will go to cons or shows or eventually stores and buy the print version — for the most part.

But, you always want to put your best foot forward.

But, in the spirit of MVP – minimum, viable, product, this is another way to try out things on the web, get it up, get it out, and see how it works.  Who knows, maybe I’ll end up going with a more greyscale way of doing it?  I won’t know till I try it.

It’s possible this will be a bit jarring for readers, line art, to flats, to color, to flats, to greyscale.

We shall see.  The idea is to minimize the time I’m spending on getting a page “ready” for the web, so I can get back to just making page after page.  Flatting is a fairly mechanical process, but coloring, takes a lot more time…. at least for me.  At this point, I’m going to re-color issue one and two (well, recoloring two, coloring for the first time issue 1).  So, I’ll be able to work on them as a batch – making sure things are uniform, etc – doing it page by page, so far – leads to some inconsistencies.

But, we’ll see – once I have everything done, I might put up a nice color version on webtoons, that’s a platform that my work hasn’t been on- so we’ll see about that.

I haven’t been pushing to get reviews, or eyeballs of late.

I’m getting ready to go to print for issue one and two for a comic con show I’ll be doing in Feb of 2018.