Hey everyone!  Here is this week’s page!


These are just flats with some letters done in illustrator.  I have been going back and flatting issue 1, so I’ll end up re-coloring the whole book so that it’s consistent throughout.  I think, more and more, the webcomic might end up being more of a…. sandbox and then the finish product will be the print version?

I’m also tempted to put the webcomic in black and white on the internet, and full color in print…?

Screenshot 2017-10-06 08.46.02

I just de-saturated that – I would have to play with the values so that the black and white really punches – but that might be an idea — I guess I could try it.  I mean, that’s the wonderful thing about the webcomic – you can just change it and what not.

I might try and do issue 3 in black and white, and see how it looks.

Now that I’ve gone back and flatted issue one, and erased the hand lettering (tear, sniff, sniff) — I can move on with inking and drawing issue 3.  I also need to do some covers for issue 1 and 2.