Just a quick post for today.  You can catch up on the new page for Scared by the Bell over HERE.  Earlier this week I did a post on creativity and Why You Should Bother.

I’m really digging the color.  Here’s a sneak peak at some of the pages at the end of Issue Two for “Scared by the Bell.”

Screenshot 2017-08-24 23.50.23

I’m tempted to go back and color issue one, but I might just slowly do that over time.  I’m interested in getting back to drawing.  I’ve been coloring and spending so much time flatting, that I haven’t been able to work on any comics, except for the short comic I did a few weeks back.

I’m starting to think about another short.  Once I finish coloring the Scared by the Bell Pages for the rest of issue 2, I’ll be ahead, and then I can bust out a short while I’ve got the remaining pages locked and loaded to post on Fridays.

I’m thinking about doing some blog posts about people I follow on Patreon or maybe just some influential comic book folks.

Last Friday I did a big blitz and emailed a bunch of Dad Bloggers and other comic reviewer places for middle grade folks.  I had a few people get back and say they don’t review web comics, only printed stuff.

I think I’ll be toying with YouTube as a way to market the comic book.  Because the internet is so wide and scary, I just don’t know if kids think to read comics on there.  Or, maybe this is just a natural growth over time.  But, regarding YouTube, I could make little still image/animated things with some music, just super short stuff?  I dunno, we shall see.

I read some old Tank Girl this last week.


And I finished Ghost in the Shell, 2nd Gig.  What a great series.  I’ll check out the third and final series (although there are RUMORS of another series coming).