Happy Friday everyone!  New page up on: http://www.scaredbythebell.com. I’m starting to get more and more comfortable with the colors.  Two words: Gradient Tool.

Screenshot 2017-08-16 08.59.00

Looks like we might be learning some background to Peter’s family history?  Eh?  Maybe?

I completed a comic short story this last weekend.  Here are some process shots.

Screenshot 2017-08-13 13.32.28

Screenshot 2017-08-12 17.54.05

Screenshot 2017-08-12 20.30.28

It was really satisfying to do a short comic, think of the idea, draw it, ink it, and then color it.  Just four finite pages.  Sometimes with Scared by the Bell – I feel like I’m in a, “let’s go get this up” and figure it out as we go mode.  If it’s just a short story that I’ll be doing for publication, submitting to anthologies, etc – I have more of a desire to get it done, get it right (as much as I can) – and then move on.

I think I might try a horror story next, there’s one I’ve been ruminating over.  That one will actually be greyscale – maybe even screen tones!

These Urasawa documentaries on Youtube (or Dailymotion) are soooo goooood.  Click HERE:

This week I picked up:

  • Spy Seal
  • Batman (War of Jokes and Riddles)
  • Infamous Iron Man
  • And an older collection of, Blade of the Immortal.