So, one of the things I really like about webcomics is how fluid it is. I think of it as a kind of living document. I made some changes on the pages I posted today, and last week — so that they gel just a little bit more —
I plan on going back and actually coloring the “first issue” of SBTB – and then as I develop on the color side, and make more decisions on the actual color scheme, I’ll adjust the colors, etc.

So, at first I posted the page on the left – but it didn’t quite gel with last week’s page – and it felt like there was too much of a filter over it.  So, I made some adjustments and I ended up with the page on the right.

So after that – last week’s original page was the one on the left, so I gave it a warmer feel to hopefully match this week’s page a bit more.


Then after posting it on FB, I made some more adjustments, and you can see the pages as they should look in order here:

So, now it looks like they’re at least in the same room.

You can catch up on the full story over at: