Hey party people, here’s the new page:


I’ve started working on a short story along with this.  Scared by the Bell will come out every Friday – but I’m also working on shorts that I can put up, collect, and submit to various contests and anthologies.

I recently watched a Mark Duplass keynote at SXSW in 2015.  The title of the speech was, “The Calvary Isn’t Coming.”  You can watch the video HERE.

I’ll be writing a more involved, comic-centric version of the speech.  Although the speech is filmmaker-centric, you can apply the mentality to comics.  I have written a little bit about using the MVP Method in making art.  Duplass’ speech lives in a similar sphere.

He maps out a plan for all the budding filmmakers out there.  The spirit of his speech is: make shorts, all the time, and you’ll slowly learn.  The idea of shorts that are nice and programmable at Film Festivals, prodded me a bit.  I know there are lots of Anthologies out there in the comic world.  A kind of poor man’s version of a film festival.  The idea of consistently making short comics and submitting them to anthologies and contests never really occurred to me.  I was so concerned with making my comic, and working on that consistently, that I didn’t think about trying to build an audience in different ways.

I think having your own comic out on a consistent basis is important.  I see lots of artists posting doodles on Tumblr and Twitter and I’m happy to like, share, reblog… but I always have a little pang in my brain… “Why aren’t they making a comic?”

Ever since I did my first little Mini Comic (To Catch a Tooth) as part of the Meltdown University Comic Class with Jim Higgins — I have been baffled at the sense of pride an ownership I have over my comics.  The fact that I have something, that is mine, that I can hand (or email) to someone and say, “that’s my comic…”  you can’t beat it.

It’s not like a novel, a screenplay, or even a short story.  These take a lot of… effort on the part of the reader.  But a comic… a comic is so digestible, and dare I say, primitive.  I mean, cavemen did paintings 🙂

So, you’ll be seeing a consistent amount of shorts coming from me.  I’ll be using these to submit and build an audience, but it’s also scratching an itch.  I love Scared by the Bell, but it’s a bigger beast.  It moves slower.  If I have an idea to do something, it’ll be months before anyone will see it.  I’m still coloring pages in issue 2.  Which means, I drew those pages… like seven months ago?  Or more?

By working on shorts, it’s more immediate.  Dare I say, more MVP style.  I think of the idea, sketch it, ink it, and then I can apply all the color tricks that I’m working on immediately.  It’s also smaller, so it’s more… edible?  I can hold it.  It’s not part of 50+ pages I have drawn, it’s 4 pages all unto themselves.  It’s kind of like babysitting a kid vs having one.  I only have a short for a few hours, it’s a limited time period, and then I send it off here and there – it’s not something I wake up with day in, day out, week after week, month after month.

Hopefully I’ll be able to try out different ideas, styles, and just get up more content.  I’ll have to look up policies for anthologies.  I’m thinking of making my comic shorts available online too.  But, I’ll have to make sure that doesn’t disqualify them for future entries.

Here are some work in progress shots:

Hmmm.  I’ve been reading some old BPRD comics I got in the 25 cent bin.  I contributed to some Kickstarter Projects this week.  Still reading, “Americanah.”  I’m really enjoying that book.