Hola friends and neighbors.  Today’s page is up, and I am proud!  Here’s a little preview.  You can see the FULL PAGE and catch up on the story over at SCARED BY THE BELL.

pg7 preview

I almost just did the flats.  Which, also looked pretty good.

Screenshot 2017-07-14 08.17.55

Those flats look pretty good – they’re just all super saturated.  Everything is at the max.  So, we’ll see.  But I’m enjoying the process more.  So far, it looks like I flat on the weekends, and in the evenings, and then Friday morning before I post – I do the colors.  At first, Friday mornings weren’t enough time – but now I’ve gotten comfortable with some tips and tricks and masks, etc – so I think that I can tackle it.

I also started messing around with a new comic I’ve been mulling over for a long time:

Screenshot 2017-07-13 10.43.09

This one is more of a creepy ghost story, coming of age type thing.  This was more in line with what I want to do: draw, ink, then just go right to colors.  Right now, those are just flats.  So, I’ll tightening it up a little bit more in the coming weeks.

I’ll mess around with this one on webtoons and the other sites with the long, long format — I won’t deal with TUMBLR because they have an aspect ratio — unless of course, maybe you could just keep adding photos and make it look like a long, long image… I’ll have to experiment with that.

So that’s the latest!