Well, this week’s new page is up!


Looks like I’m slowly getting more comfortable with the colors.  I’ve also colored another page coming up that I really liked:

Screenshot 2017-07-06 10.50.04

So I’m starting to “get it” I figure.  But, golly it’s so tough when you look at the colors on some of these other comics.  Lately, I’ve been looking more at French and European comics:


See all that blue and orange!?  I can’t watch TV or read comics or flip through magazines without spotting colors.  Oh look, purple and gold, oh look blue and orange, oh look red and green.  Complementary color palette is very popular.

Right now my colors are pretty loose.  I’m not worrying too much about getting fine bounce lights, etc.  But, I’ll get there.  In general, even with the colors, my style is to try it, work it out, go, go go, and keep going.  Like that previous page with the big two panel spread, I ended up getting come nice compliments on that page from my old comic book teacher!  Which was great, because I almost spent forever coloring the damn thing, trying to figure stuff out.

I did learn about making MASKS in photoshop.  You can do this with color, OR, with saturation/desaturation – or with lightness and darkness.  So, for CELL SHADING — those shades on Peter’s face are just LIGHTER and DARKER of the same color – being revealed via a MASK in photoshop.

I’m making sure I spend a good chunk of time every morning working on the comics, that way that gets done no matter what.  Then I have to cram the rest of the: writing, work, and (soon to be grad school) into the rest of the day.

That’s the general idea.  I do believe, there is a certain amount of “getting things done” that has to do with falling in love with Boredom.  There is an article by, fan-favorite, James Clear that gets into that HERE.

Definitely worth the read.

Right now I’m reading NEUROMANCER (almost done) and I’m not sure what’s next.  I picked up the latest VINLAND SAGA and I love that, of course.  I’m dipping into SECRET EMPIRE here and there, and it’s fun.  I think the hate its getting is a bit out of whack.

Not sure what to think about Marvel’s new MAKE MARVEL MINE push.  Just seems like more of the same.

The BATMAN/Elmer Fudd comic was good – but it was LEE WEEKS – so of course.  I mean, Lee Weeks!  I think the two artist that influenced me the most growing up were NORM BREYFOGLE and LEE WEEKS.