So…. new page up this week.  This is my mega-two page spread that isn’t quite serviced here via the web:


So – here’s the thing.  These are just flats.  In the world of comic coloring, you have to do the FLATS first – meaning, color the main parts – like – oh here’s the skin, here’s the shirt, here’s the building face – and then you apply color theory and rendering from there.

Me – I’m just starting to get comfortable with all these things – and so in the name of time – I think issue 2 will probably be mostly flats.  I’m just not that adept at the different tools, the different things needed to pick the colors, etc.  Yet…

Man, oh man.  I can see why most books are not in color.  Colorists officially need to get top billing with artist and writers.  It’s basically, the other big thing.  It’s the third leg on the tripod.  And it takes so…. much…. time.  Even just to do the flats – which I’m slowly getting faster at – this part of the workflow takes time.  That’s why a lot of colorists outsource the flats to someone and pay them 10 to 15 dollars a page to flat the work – because it might take an hour or so to do the page.

Well, depending on the page…. it can take quite a while.  This big o’l two page spread just took me forever – and by forever I mean like… 16 hours?

So, in the name of just getting the book done – and moving on, and not just spending all my time coloring, I’m going to do flats for issue 2 (for the most part) and when I’m finally more comfortable with the rendering part of things, I’ll delve in more for issue 3.

Now – by the time I do a print run, or maybe even before I publish on another web platform, I’ll end up going back and tightening all of the color and all of the lettering – so it’ll end up looking really good later down the road.

Part of the reason why I’m posting such an in progress thing is to show people – hey look you don’t have to wait till its perfect – and to document the process.