Happy Friday everyone.  We’ve got a new page up over at http://www.scaredbythebell.com – that you can check out here!


I’m slowly getting a little more comfortable with the colors.  You’ll notice this one has an attempt at a color Palette (orange and blue).  We’re touching on this a bit in my coloring class.  There is also a cool video about color schemes HERE.

So, the general plan is – to finish the flats on this issue, backtrack on issue 1, and then proceed onward with issue 3.  Boy, does flatting just take forever.  Maybe I can do a more informed post where I break down my flatting, then my cell shading.

But although I can tell I’m still figuring stuff out, I really like some of the cell shading I did on accident.

Been watching the Ghost in the Shell TV series, “Stand Alone Complex.”  Really enjoyable.  Any Ghost in the Shell fans out there that haven’t checked it out, I enjoyed it and am now making my way to second season.

I also finished the original Ghost in the Shell Manga and enjoyed it.  It’s need to see the SEEDS that were used in the movie – but an entirely different tone than the Oshii Anime that exposed me to the material in the first place.


Finished Recently:

  • Ghost in the Shell
  • Orc Stain

Currently Reading:

On my Desk to Read:

  • Black Monday Murders #6
  • Brittania #3

What I’m watching:

  • Blame – Netflix Anime
  • Ghost in the Shell – Stand Alone Complex – Second Gig – 2nd Season (rented from local video store – yes we have one of those still in Ventura)
  • Kill-la-kill is just zany.

I backed a Kickstarter of one of my favorite webcomics that I recommend you read and or support.  You can find it HERE.


Anyways, just a little update on things.  I’m considering grad school – which means I’ll be crazy busy for… hmmm…. the next 3 years of my life.  But, I have allocated 18 to 20 hours a week for comics (because coloring takes forever).  I also really want to do a horror comic as well – but that might have to wait till I am ahead more on Scared by the Bell.