Heyyyyy everyone.  Happy Frightful, Fearsome, Far out Friday… it’s time for some more Scared by the Bell. Today’s second page is a kind of second page/title page.  Here’s the page:


I was thinking of The Spirit when I did this.  Case in point:


Or this one:

EPSON scanner image



I mean, he’s Eisner – and he’s kind of the thing to copy – but I thought it would be neat to play around with this.  I’ll probably do more of this as I get more comfortable with different things and color.  See, I’m not the only one who copies things:


This is a bit Eisner, ish.  Now, I am a tad uninformed, Eisner himself could be referencing earlier work (if anybody has examples of that, predating Eisner it would be cool to see them and compare).

The big thing about the webcomic and this blog, is that it is very much in the spirit of “Getting Comics Done.”  So, the webcomic itself is in process.  That’s what’s so great about webcomics.  I can work on building an audience, without paying 300 bucks for a table at a convention and shelling out 800 to 1K in printing costs.  This way I can post images, and then… if I want, I can re-color, or re-do images, and then re-post them.  I can get my George Lucas on!

The difference between me and George Lucas is… his stuff was pretty good, and he went back and messed with it.  But — with me, I can go back and color the first issue, recolor the second, etc.

But for now, the webcomic is a place for me to grow as an artist, grow an audience, but then also for people to see that you don’t have to have it perfect before you get it up and out there.  I think there is a tendency to “wait until its perfect” to put it up there.  I say, get it up, get it out, and keep going.  With web, you can always go back and change it if you want, or keep going.

I’ll be posting some other stuff up soon about a Horror Comic/Anthology that I’ll be starting 🙂  Just to explore a different demo, and stretch my muscles for a different type of storytelling.