Morning everyone.  In the past few days there have been two updates to Scared by the Bell.  I posted a cover to issue #2:


An obvious homage to the classic, “The Breakfast Club.”  These colors are me just eyeballing it.  I’m taking a Digital Coloring class down at Meltdown Comics:


This past Monday was the first class – and it was more of an overview of the class, his style, and the things we’ll learn.  Although I understand the technical parts of flatting, it’s the color theory, developing the color palette that I’m pretty new at.

I’ll probably be taking a class or two at the junior college here in town (including Color and Design) just to round out my brain in that area.  Because, well…. color’s important.  Here’s a neat video on color psychology HERE.

If you think about it, on a movie set, that’s the entire Cinematographer’s job — LIGHT.  Because the colorist doesn’t just make sure Superman’s cape is RED and Batman’s cowl is Blue (or Grey, or whatever color it is nowdays) – the colorist tells the story with an extra layer.  In film, you have story, visuals, editing, and sound and light.  Well, in comics you have about half of those…. you have visuals and… editing (and the story) but no motion, no sound, no sound effects, no score.

So, I’m no Hi-Fi, Jordie Bellaire, or Matt Hollingsworth just yet…. I’ll show you the tiny step I made this week on color.  So here is page one, from issue 2:

SBTB_ISS2_PG1_FLATS_blog image

So it kinda works, right?  I mean, Peter is falling from the sky outside the window – you kinda get it, right?  Well, I had this idea – about when Peter falls, it should be all crazy.  I could have done this with line work like so:


That’s Otomo’s Akira.  Look at those lines.  Look at that motion.  He’s well, he’s amazing.  But, I didn’t do that.  I have some tiny lines from Peter falling to give a bit of motion, but if I wanted to communicate falling, focus on Peter, and Panic… I would need to do something else.

I thought of one of my favorite movies:


Sounds silly, but Hunt for Red October is definitely in my top ten favorite movies.  I think I’ve seen it over 50 times.  But the image above, is from the very stressful, nuclear missile-could-go-off-at-any-minute climax, with our hero, Jack Ryan (a very skinny, younger, and fit Alec Baldwin).  Look at all that red.  Really punches things up.  I thought of the idea of a RED ALERT.  And thought, how can I made a RED ALERT on the page.

So I did this:


I cooled down the guys in the foreground to purple, then I punched up the sky in yellow, so Peter would pop out of the sky.  So, that’s my red alert!

I’m sure I’ll be learning a lot more in  my class – but that’s a little as to the process of this week’s page and how it started happening.