Happy Friday everyone.  I’ve just posted page 23 of my comic, “Scared by the Bell.”  This is a pretty good landmark, as it’s technically the final page of “issue 1.”  In the print version, I have a title page inserted in there on the interior pages, so it rounds out to 24 pages for print.

This week’s page is in living color.  I’m starting a digital coloring class on Monday, June 5th at Meltdown Comics – so you should, theoretically, see the influence of the class as time goes on.

For color, I’m taking some basic inspirations at the moment, mainly Don Rosa‘s run on “Uncle Scrooge”


You’ll notice the color is pretty simple, with just some easy gradients here and there to round out the form.  For now, that’s probably going to be my main source of inspiration.  And why not, my stuff is pretty cartoon-y and will tend to work well with the mostly flat color style found in these old Disney books.

Also, I tend to glance at the eternal Tintin:


So much so that you’ll notice — that Peter basically has Tintin’s color pattern.  Case in point:


So, yeah I pretty much ripped off his color scheme.  And why not, if it’s good enough for Tintin, it’s good enough for Peter.

I also made some changes for the comic.  I’m sure Scared by the Bell will be seen in print one day, but for now, I’m getting a decent amount of traction (and growing) from the web.  I think really taking advantage of the web and all that there is, could be a pretty neat thing.

One of my big beefs with Webcomics is that they are just basically Digital versions of Print Comics.  They don’t take advantage of the User Experience of being on the web.

So, while I draw with Print In mind…. I end up re-doing it with web in mind.  For example.  This page went from this:


To this:


To this:


The main reason being – why not use all of the page.  Make the entire, elongated page, sky – so that as the reader scrolls down you get a bit more of a “falling” vibe.  Scott McCloud talks about this in a very rapid way with some ten dollar words, but you can get the point HERE.

There are a few comics that really take advantage of the DOWN SCROLL.  One that I really like is Wormworld Saga found HERE:

This guy…. one of those incredibly talented people.


This image doesn’t take advantage of the down scroll, but if you click on the link and explore – you’ll see he really takes advantage of the down scroll.

I have a bit of a bone to pick with this…. sometimes Wormworld Saga feels almost…. storyboard like – which is a tad different than comics.  Panels feel more like Key Frames in an animated film than panels in a comic.

I’m irked a bit, but at least he’s not doing PRINT on the web.

That’s the latest!  If you enjoy the comic, share with your friends!!!