Hey everybody – we’re almost at the end of issue #1!  This is page 20, and starting in issue 2, I’m going to be flirting with colors.  Should be… interesting.

Here’s the new page this week:


As usual, you can catch up on the full story over HERE.

So, I’m taking a Digital Comics class over at Meltdown University.  This is a good class.  I’m happy with everything so far.  It tightens up what I know about digital lettering, and throws in a few tips and tricks in illustrator and photoshop.  Although, I’m insisting on doing my own hand lettering – it’s nice to have some experience with it digitally.  (although I should do something with it, or I’m going to forget).

I’ll be taking digital coloring up next.  Here’s my teacher:


I’m still really proud of myself for applying the MVP Method of product development, to my comic development.

Here’s me and my classmate Dan doing some work.

Dan has a pretty neat podcast all about Spider-Man.  He’s getting married in under a month – so wish him well.  Here’s me doing some flatting for Issue 2, Page 1.


And here’s some future pages – took a while to draw all those books.  But we’re about to meet one of my favorite characters… the baby Chinese dragon that hangs out with Merlin.


This is an example of me sort of being loose with the story.  I remember drawing this going, oh Peter should walk in and be looking at the crazy magic-ness of Merlin’s office.  But after having drawn all those books in that opening shot, I was feeling reluctant.  So… I thought, what’s he looking at?

Oh I know, he’ll be staring at a dragon that is staring at him.  A Chinese Dragon.  Now I’m trying to figure out how to fit him in more.  There was a post by the wonderful Adam Warren about how if you’re drawing a comic, you don’t have time to deal with crazy world building…. he basically says to figure it out as you go – and don’t get bogged down in figuring everything out ahead of time…. writers can do that… but artists  don’t have that kind of time.

It sounds kind of flippant, but I agree.  I definitely subscribe to the Adam Warren style of comics.  He literally figures out Empowered one page at a time.  Granted, he’s been doing comics forever, and Empowered has a real zany feel, but — I agree with him.  I might not be able to do that if I was doing some kind of heavily plotted comic… but for now, figure it out as you go cuts down on the barrier to getting things done.

Oh, and I did some fan art!  Of Brandon Graham’s, Multiple Warheads.


And then I did it with Greytones


I tweeted it out to him, and he was really nice about it, and even re-tweeted it out to his followers.  So, that’s kind of cool. Here’s Brandon’s original work:

Well folks, that’s about it for now.  I’ll keep you posted on the coloring as it comes up, and notes from the class.