Still slogging away here at the daily (mostly) drawing entries.  I think the biggest thing that I deal with is the enormity of it all.  If you compare yourself to other comic book artists, you almost always come up short.  But then again, that means you’re doing the whole “comparing your insides, to other people’s outsides” kind of thing – and that never works out.

I’m currently reading an early Miyazaki book called, “Starting Point” that collects his interviews and written bits from 1979 to 1996.  In one of the articles I recently devoured, Miyazaki addresses the whole “why bother” notion that many of us feels.  He compares his work as throwing a bucket of water in along with a giant wave of animated works and storytelling through the years.  The idea being, it might not feel like much, but your mark is important.

I think bits like this are good to remember.  I think it’s hard not to want to “get it right” from the get go, or be perfect.  I think that message of, your mark, your voice, your work is important at every step of the way – (even if its just a bucket in a tidal wave) is important and if Miyazaki thinks its a good idea… well, can’t be total rubbish!

Here’s my some of my latest inks in process.  I’m really enjoying my G-Pen nib, but I use microns for things like buildings so they’ll come out a little straighter.