So, I’m still getting the hang of inking.  I tend to use Micron Pens for the more detailed work – but the Micron ink isn’t as black or thick as it needs to be to get picked up on the scanner.  So you have to keep going over the line again and again.


Case in point.  Here’s the Micron Version:


And then here’s where I went back over it with Micron, Brush Pens, and my Inkwell and Nib pen thing:


The whole thing is just a tad darker, with the lines more distinct.  If you notice the first image, has some pretty thin lines.  You can do adjustments in photoshop to BLACKEN the image, but it always helps to have an image with more “information” to begin with.

You can see the finished page here:

So, I’m having to go back on my earlier pages and add more line variation and definition.