Hey everybody.  Page 13 will be going up tomorrow.  So far, I’m about 3 pages inked ahead.  I’ve got around 46 pages penciled (so I’m way ahead on the penciling stage).  I think the plan is to keep inking until I’m all caught up, and then I’ll pencil a page, then ink a page.

It takes me about 5 hours to ink a page, give or take.  I seriously doubt I’ll get much faster – I’ll only want to do more – unless I reach some kind of zen-like simplicity of inking that is years down the road.

Here’s some WIP stuff.


As you can see, I’m still hand lettering!!!  I’m still enjoying it.  And I think I’m getting a little tighter with the letters.

This weekend I’m going to get my submission together for:

GRX000 Graphix Logo Lockup

They are looking for kids stuff, and need the first 12 pages.  So, I’ll spend some time and get that together this weekend.  I don’t think my stuff is quite up to the standards of scholastic.  I mean, they do Amulet, and Sisters – those are extremely polished works.


But I figure, one must begin the process.  Maybe I’ll get on someone’s radar for 10 years down the road.

I’m really proud of this image:


I think in general I’m going to try and shoot for more short, frequent posts, then long-form essay stuff that I keep wanting to do in my mind.

I am roughing out slowly, an essay about Brandon Graham. And I’m bummed that Island by Emma Rios and Brandon Graham put out by Image Comics is over:


But, it was fun while it lasted.  Still trying to figure out what to do with my Patreon.  I would feel better if I had a daily sketch diary or something – but that’s hard to maintain with work and making progress on the comic.

I thought the Maul (sans Darth title) fight with Obi-Wan was done really well:

Although, I’m not sure about that bit hinting at Luke being the chosen one.