Well, this page will come up in a couple weeks – but I wanted to talk a little about it.


So here’s the original PRINT Layout of the page.  This will ultimately be page 9 I think.


Kinda cool, right?

Well, I still content that Print is Print, and Web is Web.  The experiences are different.  So, I spent some time to re-do the layout as such:


Does the original page work?  Yeah sure.  But this is a tad more dramatic.  I was able to RE-SIZE the last panel to emphasize the KA-BOOM-ness of it all.

Also, if you’ll notice there are word bubbles that weren’t in the original layout.

Now I could have done digital, which there’s nothing wrong with I suppose, but since I’m on this hand lettering kick – I hand lettered them on a separate page:


So this was an extra sheet of bristol I had when I traced the size of the original page that had goldilocks and put in Maggie.  Seems like a lot of Bristol to waste, so I just used that to lightbox the dialogue.

So the result is the hand lettered dialogue feel, but I pasted it in in digitally.  Not ideal.  Because a part of me likes the constraints of hand lettering.  Like, in the first bit of dialogue “there they are” — I drew the bubble too big, then I decided to add flames to the inside of the bubble – so – that’s part of the thing I like about the hand lettering – the semi-permanence of everything. Like, “oh it’s there, now I have to deal with it.”

So there you go!