Now that I’m hand lettering, I’m notice a lot more of the lettering – the more creative stuff seems to happen in the stuff that’s not… not American.  Or should I say, not the mainstream big two.

I’ll throw up some examples of stuff I like.  But here are a few from One Punch Man I took on my phone yesterday:


So, we’ve got the radio with a kind of lettering, his thinking, the sound his mouth is making with the liquid in his mouth as he swishes it around, and then the garbling noise.  Placement like SLOSH is straight down, and so it reads a tiny bit faster, dropping, the way a SLOSH would.

And then the repeated gargles all over place, not just one, but several instances of the word, because when you gargle, it’s all over the place and kind of echo-y.


I like the fading AWAAAAAH, and the KYAHI…. you get the idea that it happened, now the letters are literally trailing the people as they speed off.

Kinda fun.