So, I’ve recently started to hand lettering.  They say you shouldn’t do hand lettering on your first book, but I really like it.


When I letter by hand, I feel like it’s another part of the art.

One of my all time favorites, Brandon Graham – has a bit to say about Hand Lettering in this short little video he did a while back:  (a few of his sketch pages might not be totally kosher with a general audience, so NSFW WARNING)

I’m slowly starting to realize I can do almost anything with comics, it just takes a lot of time.  But, at least I’m investing in something I own, developing a skill, and spending time with something I love.

Speaking of Brandon Graham, I have an idea for an essay that I’m toying around with that I would like to write one day.

Here’s some of the pencils I’m working on.  This will be issue 3, page 4.  Goldilocks gets caught sleeping in the three bears beds and jumps out the second story window and then steals their car.


Of course Goldilocks is kind of full of it, so we’re never sure if what she says happened, actually happened.


I’m going to have actually put the words in as I draw.  The lettering up until now has been an after thought – because I always had the attitude of “oh I’ll do it in illustrator” and while it’s cool to learn those skills – I very much enjoy doing as much on the page as possible.


Goldilocks, grand theft auto!