Well, thank you very much Facebook throwback image feed thing.  You know how Facebook has those “memory” photos it will show you on your timeline every now and then – like – 4 years ago today, or one year ago today…

… well one  year ago today I took a picture of page one of my comic.  And then today I posted the first page online:

So here’s a year ago – this comes up on Facebook in my feed…


As I’m posting it on the web as a finish product!!!!!  How cool is that!?


They call that Kismet I suppose.

Note the change in the layout.  I got the idea by looking at a TED talk from Scott McCloud and spoke about it over here.  Why do print online?  Do online online – take advantage of the medium.

So – a couple things you’ll notice – is the repetition of the image – but I spread out the dialogue to let it breathe a bit.

Also – in the second of the three repeating patterns, you might notice Peter’s not moved — but he has – his eyes look stage right – I just adjusted that digitally as I was laying it out.  I think it works – because he’s basically frozen in a “what the” moment – looking back and forth a sort of eyeball pingpong thing going.

I’ll probably mess around with that and stretch that when I can.

Guys and gals — I’m a tad overwhelmed.  I’ve worked so hard for so long – I’ve been working on Scared by the Bell for over a year (as you can see!)  I’m now 46 pages penciled – and will start page 47 tomorrow.

I’ve spent so much time over the past month getting my TUMBLR set up – and getting things scanned, and messing around with color, and creating buttons, and getting comfortable with scanning and doing it wrong 4 times – and now it’s finally up – and I’m starting to get a sense of systems building – things I’ll do next time to make the process easier —

— but it’s real.  I remember my first blog post on this blog, I had a quote from Brian Michael Bendis – he answered a question about “breaking into the comic industry”


Brian Michael Bendis (kind of a big deal in the world of comics) – has a TUMBLR (that I have no idea how he keeps so active on) answered a newbie question:

Q: how do you get into the comics business?

A: Make a comic.  Boom.  You’re in the business.

I’m paraphrasing his answer (but that was pretty much it).  And it’s true.  I think so often we overcomplicate things.  So, if you have an idea – begin!


And I started – and at first I was just convincing myself to do 25 minutes a day (a pomo!)  And then I was doing more – and now it’s happening.

Now I know I have a long way to go.


But – it’s begun.  You see, by getting my website up, and doing the work to have a comic done and then posting it – I am now a comic artist.

I’m a cartoonist.

I can get business cards with the URL: www.scaredbythebell.com — and it goes to my thing!  My thing – that I am writing and drawing.

So – I’m kind of overwhelmed – this has been so long in the making – from when I used to draw comics, then didn’t think I was good enough, now finally doing them – and I did it right.

  1. I’m way ahead – I’m posting a page a week and I have 46 pages penciled.
  2. I have a system(routine).  Because motivation comes and goes, but systems will stick.  I pencil in mornings, ink and computer stuff on weekends.
  3. I got everything ready ahead of time – now I just go – and keep doing the work, and then get the word out.

So – I know it’s just page one.  And there are guys and gals out there who have been doing this forever – and have thousands of pages under their belts – but for me – this is one small step!

And I couldn’t be prouder.  I couldn’t be happier.  I look forward to keeping everyone posted on the comings and goings and how it goes.

Just wanted to get that out while I was feeling it 🙂