I’m out in AZ visiting an old friend and going to see Star Wars with him and his wife and four kids.  This started out as a kind of tradition with the prequels.  We just happened to see the first two prequels together, and when Episode III came out – I flew out to AZ to watch it with him and keep the tradition going.


Fast forward to 2015 – and the Force Awakens came out, so I booked a ticket and me and his four kids watched the new Star Wars.

You have not experienced Star Wars in its totality, until you have watched it sitting next to a 6 year old.

I’ve been thinking about George Lucas and the prequels.  Lately, I have had more love and optimism for the Prequels.  I don’t know if I’m crafting this impression thanks to the well crafted lens of the “Clone Wars” cartoon series — or if it was just seeing a Star Wars movie without Lucas’ oversight – and feeling the difference.


I read a few articles in the New Yorker that were published earlier this year that I found myself nodding in agreement to.



And another one here:



BTW, I love old Star Wars production and behind the scenes photos.  I even started a PINTEREST board for them!

But, a world with more Star Wars in any shape or form, is like a world with more flavors of Beer or Chocolate — I welcome them all!