So, with the coming of the webcomic one must choose a platform.  As far as I can tell, there are three major ways to do webcomics online.

  1.  Build a website of your own from scratch.
  2. Use WordPress and a wordpress plugin
  3. Use Tumblr

There are other webcomic publishing platforms like Tapastic.  I’m going to have my own site, and then ALSO publish it on Tapastic.

I’ll dig in further about the specs of the different platforms on another post with links, etc.

But no matter where you publish your webcomic, you need a title/banner image to greet visitors.

One of the webcomics I read is: The Pale

If you click on the hyperlink they have a nice header image at the top of everything.

So, here’s some process images for mine:


So there you go!  I’ll be inking over the next few days – and then I’ll scan and do some color!  One must have color for a banner.