Okayyyy — well, back in the day when I worked at Barnes and Noble, I read a story in a book called “The Forest for the Trees” about John Grisham.


This book is a kind of “tales from the editor.”  The author, Betsy Lerner, tells anecdotes and stories from her time as an editor — while the book is full of all kinds of goodies, the one story I remember is…


Way back before everyone bought every book that John Grisham put out, he was a struggling writer.  He wrote, “A Time to Kill.”


This was his first novel.  But after completing his first novel, he didn’t wait to see what everyone thought, he didn’t wait to see if he was talented based on feedback from editors, he just started writing…


He sent out, “A Time to Kill” while he was already writing “The Firm.”  His first book got rejected by everyone.  Nobody liked “A Time to Kill.”

Imagine if he had waited to see “how people reacted” to “A Time to Kill” before he started writing “The Firm?”

We probably wouldn’t have had “The Firm” and who knows if he would have kept going.  But, he just kept on writing, before he got the feedback, because damnit, Grisham was determined to be a writer.

Everyone loved, “The Firm” and then they went back and bought “A Time to Kill.”

And they made movies of them both:


One of good o’l McConaughey’s first hits, and a solid thriller by the never aging Tom Cruise.



So, in that spirit – of just keeping the momentum going — I begin Thumbnails of ISSUE 3!!!


I mentioned in a previous Post, that I was reading some of the old Don Rosa “Donald Duck” comics, so don’t be surprised if there’s an influence as we move forward:



So, the oh so Talented Matt Fraction does thumbnails like this:


You can find a whole little bit on them HERE:

And I do thumbnails like this:


So, that’s the first four pages.  It will feature a little flashback about Goldilocks before heading into our main story about Peter and Goldilocks as lab partners.

Since Goldilocks is basically a bit of a… burglar, breaking into people’s houses…goldie

We’ll see Goldilocks has a rebellious streak.  And her science experiment with Peter will end up freezing time so she can get into more trouble — Peter will end up having to decide if he’s going to give into the peer pressure of a cute girl who encourages him to steal, and then who knows what could happen to the school while everything is frozen…. might there be a bad guy!?

I have the first… 15 or so pages roughed out – but I’ll do another pass.  This should be fun.  I forget what an influence shows like —


— had on me as a kid.  So, I’m sure that will find its way into the story.