Well, I did it folks!  I just penciled page 45!  This will be the last page of issue 2.  I’m going to go back and add a page (I think – I need to check my page flow because I have a splash page, and that needs to be done correctly).


So, Peter is teleported back to class by Merlin – and his teacher invites him to sit down next to his lab partner, that he’s just in time for science lab.

We don’t see who his lab partner is right away – but there is a build up – Peter is terrified – he’d rather sit next to the vampire, the werewolf, or the even the creepy clown kid — but not that, please….


…. anything but that.

Because, let’s face it – when you’re a kid – there’s nothing scarier than a pretty girl.

And that will be the end of issue 2!

Issue 3 will go back, and it will begin with Goldie-locks (that’s who the girl is) – then we’ll progress back to the moment.

I keep thinking of Pluto.


… Pluto will progress as the mystery unfolds, but it back tracks to get to know each character — so as things move forward – we get extremely attached to everyone:


If you haven’t read this book – read it.  It’s published in trade/digest format – and it runs about 6 volumes.  It’s wonderful. Definitely go check it out: