Pencils are coming along.  Merlin asks a non-verbal Dragon if maybe he was too hard on Peter.  I thought of this bit:


For the rest of the page I’m just going to copy and paste the image – maybe a few subtle changes, but to get the lack of movement, I’ll repeat it.  I enjoy this trick when used here and there.  I saw it recently in an Iron Man bit:


As you can see, nothing changes but the dialogue.  In fact, the entire next page takes the bit even further:


Marquez and Bendis drag it on for four panels, and then have slight differences in the last two.

I probably won’t have the complete page till it’s in the computer – but this gives ya’ll an idea.

I’ll just cut to where Peter was transported on the next page.  But, fun trick leaving us hanging by copying and pasting the same image.  By the time it gets to panel 8, we’ve been waiting for that Hi-Five.