Inking seems to happen on the weekend.  Pencils during the week, inking on the weekend.  When I’m going to do letters and scanning and photoshop cleanup – I’m not sure.  Lately I’ve been trying to get comfortable with the idea that I don’t have to do everything, every single day.

I’ve talked about Jack Dorsey and his crazy 18 hour day schedule before.

But one of the hallmarks of his style is, he does different things, on different days.

So for me, on the comic side – inking seems to happen on the weekends and pencils during the week.  I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that inking takes a little more prep and time.  I can pencil a part of a panel, and feel ok, but inking…. inking needs a good chunk of TLC.

Here’s this weekend’s page:


Of course, this guy could ink!


Good o’l Will Eisner – the man to learn… everything from!