Scared by the Bell – Coming along, coming along!


This is a couple panels from page 41 – which means I am almost done with issue 2!  I’m doing a little re-arranging, and I’ll insert a few pages to make the issue break clear from issue 1 to 2.

I’ve worked through Star Trek: DS9, and now I’ve got the original series on while I draw.

I picked up a trade copy of “We Can Never Go Home” over at Hypno Comics here in Ventura.


These guys should write X-Men – Matthew Rosenberg & Patrick Kindlon.

Synopsis: Teenage misfits Duncan and Madison discover they share two secrets in common: they both have super powers, and neither is very good at staying out of trouble.


Just a great coming of age, heartbreaking, exciting, teenagers  on the run with superpowers story.


Highly recommended!