Just a little update – we’ve got page 8 inks in progress!


So, I just need to start scanning and lettering and cleaning up the first chunk of pages – and then I’ll start releasing the comic on Tapastic and on TUMBLR.  It’s pretty crazy to be at the point where I’m doing a comic, and going to be putting it out there.

I started out scraping together the confidence to get 30 minutes of drawing done per day – and boy has it added up – now I don’t want to do anything else but DRAW!  I’m starting to think about how much I can get done, when I’ll print, etc.

The plan right now is to start off with black and white line art online – and then I’ll either do greyscale, or color for the print run.

So, launch day is January — January 1st?  Or maybe every Monday?  Wednesdays are a little crowded with new comic book day and all.

We shall see!