Happy Labor Day.  Scared by the Bell is coming along.  I’m doing about an hour of drawing per day (M-F).  It’s crazy how long things take.  But, once you do them, they last forever!  I saw a post recently on Facebook by Jake Parker about getting work “finished” not “perfect.”

This was the video about “Finished, Not Perfect.”



You can see today I added some windows on the second floor just above the doors in the background.  I started thinking about an aquarium level for the more sea-related monsters to swim or take a break.  So, there’s a water/aquarium hallway.  Then I had this big blank space on the left.  And at first I thought of just having some more windows, but that’s kind of boring, so then I thought – well – there are all kinds of monsters here — why not a big one.  I thought about Kaiju and King Kong.  So, I looked up King Kong “door” and I came up with this:


So I figure there will be a giant beast, or a couple giant beasts behind  a larger area of the school.


Today I’m reading the new “Popgun War” in Island #10 by Farel Dalrymple!

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I’ve had the opportunity to meet him twice.  I met him at Comic Arts LA last year, and then Emerald City Comic Con earlier this year.  Very nice guy.  I was first exposed to his work in the Brandon Graham reboot of Rob Liefield’s Prophet.


I mean, come on… the level of detail, creativity, imagination.


This bottom panel is a kind of Brandon Graham staple.  The idea of a running catalog of  items.  In an interview he was asked about this and he said something to the effect of, whenever he read a Mike Mignola book, where Hellboy walks into a mystical library — he always wanted to know what were all those books!

As you can see, things are exposed and laid out in a way you can only do in comics.  It’s the kind of info you’d get on a HUB Display or Inventory menu tab in a video game, but the action hasn’t been stopped.  We’re still in the middle of a run with our character.  A strange mix of exposition, detail, and action at the same time.

Farel’s work is heartbreaking, imaginative, and incredibly skilled.  I definitely recommend checking out Island or any of Farel’s other works.