Hello everyone.  I haven’t been posting very frequently.  I think I’m going to just have more frequent, but shorter updates.  I’ll be posting my progress and thoughts behind it as I go.


As it stands, I get up, take my mom to work, and then hit up the gym.  Then I get home around 8:30am or close to 9am – and then I start drawing.  I actually have a timer set at 60 minutes.  So the countdown begins.  I usually put on Star Trek reruns via Netflix (right now I’m slogging my way through DS9 – I’m actually really enjoying the series!  So maybe slogging isn’t the best word).  I pick stuff like Star Trek because it’s so dialogue driven.  I can have it on the background, and follow it, but not be so distracted from the task at hand that I feel I have to look up too many times.


Here’s page 27.  I can backtrack and show other pages – but for now here you go!


So this is where Peter, our hero/protagonist/main character – almost hits the ground from his free fall from the sky.  I’m trying to get a sense of motion of the gawkers – the way they are annoyed or turning, or reacting to this guy almost falling in the middle of them – and also the gust of wind he creates underneath him would stir up some particles and pebbles – that would whack at people nearby.

This will also be another chance to establish geography.  My previous big two page spread of Merlin and Peter falling from the sky – is meant to establish some awe, and also establish geography – so this, hopefully, we’ll re-enforce it.  I’m glad I did the big two page spread – because I had to make some decisions about what is what and where is where.  So – hopefully this is good.


I can do a panel, or most of a panel or half a panel – in about an hour (assuming I already had the panel sort of figured out).  Right now, I’m clocking in an hour a day – which isn’t 8 hours a day – but if I can do an hour a day, day in and day out, the consistency  will add up over time.  Like – if you spend an hour at the gym every day – that would definitely add up.



The plan is to have more variety to the panel of the day segment – maybe even taking pictures or scans of comics I’m currently reading.  This is Norm Breyfogle’s Batman.  For me, when I think of Batman, I think of Norm Breyfogle.  He worked on Batman with Alan Grant for six years.  Here’s a wikipedia excerpt:

“He drew the Batman for six years (1987–93), penciling Detective Comics from 1987–1990, then moving to Batman to introduce the new Robin[6] from 1990–1992, and finally starting a new Batman series for DC titled Batman: Shadow of the Bat from 1992-1993[7] which saw the Grant/Breyfogle team create three new characters,Jeremiah Arkham, Mr. Zsasz,[8] and Amygdala.”

So, basically – my comics formative years.  From 87 to 93 was elementary school, junior high, and beginning of high school.  They say the coolest movie you ever saw, was whatever you saw when you were twelve – so that’s about right.


I love this guy.  I donated to his Indiegogo to help his medical bills.  When I first started messing around with comics, drawing my own, I would blatantly copy panels of his Batman comics.

This is one of those guys – I wonder what happened – I can see he did some stuff – but he kind of went away.  He had a stroke in 2014.  So, we love you Norm – and see you folks tomorrow!