Let’s face it.  If you have any kind of a family and work – you work two jobs.  You’ve got your 9-5 (or some version of that) career/work/profession that you do.  And then you’ve got a family when you come home at night.

Jack Dorsey isn’t married with kids, but he still has two jobs.


He’s the CEO of Twitter and Square.

How does he do it?

Well, aside from being obviously talented – he breaks things up.  This is one of the things I’ve been struggling with – the idea of doing it all every single day.

Here’s a great little article on CNN Money about his schedule.  But, to get to the heart of what we’re talking about.  Here’s a little copy paste number I did from said article:

Monday: Management meetings and “running the company” work
Tuesday: Product development
Wednesday: Marketing, communications and growth
Thursday: Developers and partnerships
Friday: The company and its culture

So – each day has a theme.  He doesn’t try do do everything, every single day.

I’ve applied that to work.

So, at my headhunting job – I have divided things up.  But, things are also so stressful at work – it’s hard to get stuff done during the week.

So, I’ve split things up:

  1. Saturdays – I do the Sketch Diary/Memoir Comic.
  2. Sundays – I do a panel, or two.  Of my book (newly renamed Scared by the Bell).

Now, this is by no means a uber-professional schedule.  Word on the street is, the big boys do at least a page a day.  Now, if you’re Erica Henderson – she does THREE PAGES of pencils, and FIVE PAGES of INKS.


But – people learn things in different orders.  People are in different places.  We all get into trouble when we compare our insides, with other people’s outsides.


Remember Dory from Finding Nemo?


She was always saying, “Just Keep Swimming.”  This pared down schedule is my version of that.  If I get that done every week – eventually – I’ll have a book.  And there will be times where I do more than one panel, or more than two.  Or when I have some extra energy leftover during the week – and I do some work at night.


I’ve taken to doing non-photo blue pencils and then just doing inks right on top.  That way I get a decent rough with blue, and then I do my version of “tight pencils” with my inks.  I’ve also taken to adding just a little color with some colored pencils.

Tooth Fairy

I’m posting on TUMBLR and also TAPSTIC.  I’ll keep you posted on how to customize and things I learn as I go on each platform.

So.  How can you break up your week and just keep swimming!?