So, I just went to Emerald City Comic Con – I’ll talk about that more at some point and take some shots of the books I picked up, the cool panels I saw, and the awesome people I got to meet! (Brandon Graham!!!!)

But today we’re talking about a Sketch Diary and Emi Lenox.  Some of you may know Emi Lenox from the super cool Plutona she has from Image Comics with Jeff Lemire.


But little did I know, before she started working with Mr. Lemire on Plutona (which is quite good) – she had a long, long project that was a sketch diary called EmiTown.

I’ve seen Brandon Graham do a couple sketch diary comics:


And was generally familiar with the idea.  But – it wasn’t until I saw Emi Lenox’s massive TWO VOLUME book published by Image Comics that I got the idea.


See, she did this everyday.  Every.  Day.  And it’s so creative.


So I think – oh, I’ll do a sketch diary.

But then I thought – wait a Sketch Diary of my life would be pretty boring.  I would really have to get into the details of my morning cup of coffee.  Because most of it is work, gym, and then trying to get some writing and drawing done.

So, then I thought – after I read a book about the Memoir from Natalie Goldberg – (famous for Writing Down the Bones).  And then it hit me.


Not Sketch Comic – no no.

Memoir Comic!

Daily Memoir.  Be a fun way to get into my writing, have fun, and be really personal.  Something I struggle with (sometimes I feel I spend a bit too much time being “clever”).  So – here’s the first:


It’ll come up daily on a TUMBLR I have for it.  And also on a TAPASTIC webcomic page.  I’m sure I’ll be messing around with ink, or color, or whatever.  The general idea is to do one a day – but not to spend FOREVER doing it.

Thoughts?  You ever think about doing a Sketch Diary?