So, I really like the idea of hand lettering – unfortunately I’m realizing it’s incredibly hard. When I was in junior high my teachers lamented my hideous handwriting – and my mother, at the time, shrugged it off saying, “he’ll be typing everything soon anyway.”  She was right – I can type over 100 words a minute and typing has served me well in the world of scriptwriting…

… and then I get this bright idea to hand letter my comic.  I might have to reconsider the idea.  I think the book looks fantastic so far – but the hand lettering is a bit of a blight on the, otherwise, sunny illustrations.

So, I’ll see what I can salvage in photoshop.  The other idea is to “hand letter” but then scan the stuff in separately – and take advantage of “getting it right” — I’m not so sure.

There’s this notion of “good enough” parenting – and I’m adopting a somewhat similar approach to the comics — after all – the pages will be read quick – and I’ll probably have to be doing 3rd Grade Monsters for a couple years before anybody even notices it 🙂


We’ll see – at this point – I think I’m going to see if my trusty photoshop can help with some of the writing — like the spacing from one line to the next – I think I’m usually cramming it to close together.