Alriiiiight.  So, with the new year upon us I have done some goal setting and thinking.  I think, in general, I make goals that are too vague or too big.  And then I just get frustrated about not hitting a goal that was too big or too vague in the first place.

So, I’ll be doing a finished page a week.  That’s sketched, penciled, inked, lettered, and colored.  One page a week puts me at two regular sized comics a year.  (roughly).

Now, this might NOT seem like a lot – but seeing as how the last comic I finished was completed…. I think 2013?  So, if I can do two regular comics a year (my first one was a 14 page mini comic).  So, if I’m doing two 22/24 page comics a year – that’s like a 500% growth rate.  And I’m practicing my skills.


I’m also going to be hand lettering.  I think for the first page I didn’t leave enough… what I will call “bubble margin” — but I can maybe fix that in photoshop — or maybe it’ll just be part of my charm.

The reason behind land lettering will be — well, I get more control the whole way.  I’m still not super comfortable with photoshop and this way the comic is technically done.  Color is almost icing on the cake at the moment.


So – this way the special effect is “in camera” — meaning, I don’t need to do anything in photoshop later – except for coloring and cleaning up the line work.

I know I’m not really anyone famous – but I’m really proud of these two pages.  When I look back on To Catch a Tooth – I’m really proud – but even now I can see how much further my line work has come (Imagine what it will be like down the road!)

I’ll keep you posted on in process things as I go here!