Here’s a little post on Thumbnails.  I’m currently thumbnailing/writing the first issue to Third Grade Monsters.  Or 3rd Grade Monsters.


(these are Matt Fraction thumbnails)

I’ll probably stick with 3rd Grade Monsters.  I’ll snap a pick of my thumnails tomorrow – but they’re almost the pre-cursor to thumbnails.  It’s half freewrite, half rough boxing out.  In writing and in drawing – I try to stay loose for as long as I can – so I’m not too committed to anything.  Sure, I’m not afraid to throw things out (as with the first six pages of 3rd Grade monsters) – but if it’s loose, then you can have fun.  I’ll be doing some thumbnails for as long as I can – and once I roughly have the story paced out and squared out – then I’ll move into Layouts.

I’ll talk more about layouts as I move on – but here’s a cool article on Newsarama with Kaare Andrews talking about how he laid out Iron Fist.