So, I stumbled upon this writer/artist via my daily reading at  You can read the original article here.  So I decided to check her out via her website here.  She comes across as professional, committed and talented.  She has a lot of good brass tacks advice – and seems to be a pretty even keeled, down to earth, not OBNOXIOUS creator.  Some of these folks are downright unprofessional on their Twitters/Tumblr/Blogs.

But she seems like a good egg.  So, I’m taking a close look at how she lays out her webcomics, how she has her home pages, other websites, etc.

She makes a living writing and drawing comics – but she has made some sacrifices to do so:

  1.  Drives a ten year old car (check… well, until this weekend it was check – the car has finally died).
  2. Doesn’t buy new clothes (I rarely buy clothes, but should really check out a lot of the second hand stores and sales – my roommate is very stylish and is constantly coming home saying – look I got this for ten dollars!).
  3. Put your stuff on the web
  4. Do good work
  5. and Keep at it.


So, once I get out from under all the stuff on the business side (my other business).  I should be able to live lean and mean and make money in comics!!!!


(the things you own, end up owning you!!!)

Maybe I’ve just seen Fight Club too many times.  But, I’m really starting to question a lot of my money-making motivations.  I think I need to make x amount per year… why?

There is definitely a keeping up with the jones’ type mentality.  And the more time I spend working (not that I don’t love working, it’s my business) – but it’s less time to spend on creative efforts.  It’s kind of like this – sure I exercise – a lot, which means I can be more lenient with what I eat – but…. that means I need to keep exercising A LOT.  If I generally ate healthier, I wouldn’t have to COMPENSATE so much on the exercise side – I could keep it reasonable.  That would never stop – just like my business (work, work) will never stop – but taking a hard look at costs to keep things lower – so I can be less stressed about making it happen at work – so I can pursue my creative stuff – and when I say creative stuff – I mean YOU KNOW THE STUFF I ACTUALLY ENJOY!?  Then, why not make time for that?


She goes so far as to say she’s never even gone to a comic con to get work.  Although she went to San Diego once and met a publisher from First Second – and thought this was the reason why years later they published her work.  (evidently the editor didn’t even remember meeting her – they had just interacted with her online).

Sure, back in the day – con’s were probably the way to go.  And when I say back in the day – I mean back before the current version of the internet.

I’m sure, if you can get out to cons – it doesn’t do any harm.  It is, however, a lot of work.  And I’ve learned that I need more stuff to sell at my cons if I really want to recoup the money I spend on a table – and it’s always a good idea to split a table with somebody.

I will, however, be attending this years Long Beach Comic con because – well, it’s a good con, and it’s really close.  And even without a car I can get there by Metro super easy.  I’ll be attending some panels on a portfolio review, and I want to see what Dark Horse is up to.

p9_0 copy


On my last day at Golden Apple Comics (tear).  I had one of our regular customers/comic professional look at my comic – and he enthusiastically said this was good enough for Dark Horse.  He said add some color, and make sure its serialized – so that every 8 pages there is a cliffhanger – and have it end on page 24.  That way, when they are taking submissions, I can submit my comic and give it a whirl.


Now, I don’t know if Dark Horse Comics is ever going to publish my work.  (although I am toying with the idea of doing horror web comics and all-ages web comics – because I enjoy them both and they are both genre type work).  I enjoy books like BLANKETS or THIS ONE SUMMER – but I just don’t have a story like that in me…. yet.

But this is a good goal.  I’ll be putting my stuff online (UNCOLORED) and then my printed comics will be COLORED.  (I’m attending Hi-Fi’s color bootcamp in October).

So, that way I have it online (so people can see me on a regular basis – the goal is to have new comics every Wednesday – jUST LIKE PRINTED ONES!) and then make sure I”m writing in a format – that lends itself to submit to anthology series really well – like DARK HORSE PRESENTS.


So…. that’s the current plan.  I’ll be updating this more often since I actually have a hold on the story now.  I have the first 8 pages plotted out.  So, I’ll be thumb-nailing – and then plotting out the next 16.  So, get ready for some more details on THIRD GRADE MONSTERS!!!!