So, for anyone who has been reading or following – I was basically six pages into my idea, “Third Grade Monsters.”  The idea centered around a substitute teacher and her subbing for a very strange class full of… you guessed it, third grade monsters.

The idea was coming along with some level of confidence.  But then, after a one day in the store when I was directing kids to the various comic books at Golden Apple Comics — I started to realize that my idea was in a sort of no man’s land.  Sure, it was a cute idea.  But who was the market?  Who was the audience?  Who would buy it?  It is for adults or is it for kids?  If it’s for kids, then why is the main character a full grown adult?

So, I went back tot he drawing board. The idea will now center around a little girl named Zoey and her first day in the third grade at a new school with… you guessed it… monsters.

And the fun begins.  I spent last night working on thumb nails.  So, you’ll see more as we go.