If you don’t know Patrick Gleason, you’re welcome.  He has this style that is somewhere between Bruce Timm and Jim Lee.  It’s dynamic, cartoonish, but full of narrative details – and lots… of heart.  Here are a couple process images I could find.  You’ll see more on his instagram: @patrickgleasonart


Here’s a sketch for the cover of Robin, Son of Batman.


And then the finished work.

If I’m not mistaken, Patrick does a lot of the work himself.  I believe he pencils, and inks.  I know he does double duty for writing and art on Robin, Son of Batman.

This title has a lot of heart.  Those of you who like Damian, will enjoy the smug adventures of our favorite sidekick as he finds his way in the world.


Here’s another sketch of his:


I believe these were for a #wildcats and #xmen tie in.

I know he sells his work on: http://patrickgleason.bigcartel.com/


For a while this ink with Robin waking up Bruce Wayne was on his site for sale… but alas, someone snatched it up.