You don’t remember all the times you brushed your teeth in your whole life, do you?  Well, where would you be if you didn’t do that?  Not that your teeth would look like this guy’s…


… but you get the point.

Brushing your teeth is a perfect example of a daily habit that adds up.  It hardly takes anytime.  But if you do it everyday (hopefully more than once).  You’ll see results.

Daily habits and baby steps.  I, like many of you, have a lot on my plate.  Sometimes, it’s just really hard to get out of bed in the morning.  The only way I know how to overcome these waves of fatigue is to set a goal so low, that it’s easily achievable.

For writing – I have to write half a page every morning.  And this is a screenplay/script page.  This isn’t even a prose, making it’s way towards a novel page, no this is a rough, half a script page.


As you can see – not a lot of words.  But, if I consistently get half a page done every day – (minimally, because sometimes once you’re there, you end up typing 1 or two pages.  But sometimes it’s only a half page – and that is A-OK!).  Add it all up – I’m getting 3 plus pages a week.  May not sound like much – but over time you have something – and the ball is moving down the field.

The same applies with my comic.  The whole thing is scary to me, and when you pit your work up against the likes of professionals who have been doing it forever you can’t help but go — I’ll never be as good as this —


Well, maybe.  Maybe not.  And we’ll spend some time talking about finding inspiration for you to do your work (even if you think you have no talent).

But in the meantime – we all have to start somewhere.


The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Lao Tzu

And if you set super small goals – you end up getting out of bed – and you end up doing more.  People say the hardest part of the gym is just getting there.  Once you’re there, you do some exercise.

So here’s my panel.  Here’s me showing up today:


Yeah, I wasn’t joking.  That’s one panel.  A page is so DAUNTING.  A panel — well, I can get that done.  That’s me penciling over (with a light board) my rough pencils – just one panel.  So, I’ll do one each morning this week – and then I’ll have my page by the end of the week.  On Saturday I’ll ink and color (hopefully) – and we’ll be done with the first page!


One small step for Dylan!