Sometimes you want to read about comics rather than doing it – that’s ok – these are important too:


The DC Comics Guide to Digitally Drawing Comics is full of hands on trips and tricks.  There are photoshop files that will save you years in here.


This was a text book in my comic books and TV and Film class in college at LMU.  He also has a successful Graphic Novel that came out this year.


Brian Michael Bendis has written some of your favorite comics.  And here he is, talking about how he does it.  He’s also really active on tumblr.


This is a classic.  You’re a bad person if you don’t read it.


Hi-Fi Color comics is another hands on guide for digitally coloring comics.  I met these guys at Long Beach Comic Con in 2014.  Now that you’ve heard the name, just start looking at any of your favorite books, and you’ll see them credited as doing the color.

There are lots more – but those are some of my favorites.  Anyone have any other recommendations?