I’m a sucker for self-improvement books, especially the ones on time management.  Laura Vanderkam has written several books on time management.  The books are targeted towards working mothers – but the advice applies to everyone.  She introduces the idea of having a time journal (like a food journal).  A lot of people think they are working more than they are.  Just like a lot of people THINK they are eating healthier than they are.  Once you start writing down what you’re doing when you’re doing it – you start to see what you’re actually spending your time on.

I’ve got my target schedule – but I’m going to be spending some time writing down a “Time Journal” for the next couple weeks – just to see if I’m doing what I think I’m doing.  There’s a worksheet on her site.

It looks like I’m going to routinely have two projects going at any one time.  Mornings are for writing, and then evenings and weekends are for drawings.

While I’m still getting used to what would be a good schedule for the web comic.  I think it’ll have to generally be: 1)  Rough out and Pencil the 2 pages in one week (during the week).

2) By Saturday – you have all of Saturday to ink.

3) You have all of Sunday (morning and evening – because I work at Golden Apple on Sundays).

That’s the general rule.  I’m getting a little ahead of myself right now since I’ve roughed out around 5 pages.  But they are neat pencils yet.  It’s possible I might do a different schedule:

1) take a week to rough out 4 or 5 week story arc.

2) Then begin the process.

Here’s one of my pencil roughs:


I’m also going to start a newsletter and some new twitter and instagram accounts.  So, stay tuned!