If you want a party, throw it.

Recently I started a Sip and Sketch on  There is a market/cafe near (Grandview Market) my house that has several tables and a few TV’s for sporting events.  I started walking around my neighborhood frequenting the local small businesses and thought this would be a great place to have a weekly get together.


I have it every Tuesday night from 7pm to 9pm – and I limit the attendance to 10.  So far we haven’t had more than 6 (which is a perfect amount).


Last night we had a new member (Dan Hale) who’d gone to Art School for sequential art at SCAD.  It was great to talk shop and we all shared drawing tips and supplies.  For me it’s becoming part of my regular work schedule.  I plan on getting so much done that night, and then continue to eek out sketching in the early morning during the week.


I encourage anyone looking to get work done and make friends – think about doing both at the same time!  Think of it as Friend Batching!

Some of the things that came up:

1 – Great site for color lead and awesome Japanese brush pens etc
2- Great book on drawing digital/traditional hybrid –
3- Same author’s FREE perspective tool for Photoshop –