You’ll soon be getting some posts on my progress and a sort of journey chronicle of my new web comic coming soon.  I’ve been working on finishing a Feature Script – that’s close to being done.  So, now it’s time to start ramping up on what’s next: A Webcomic!


I’ve been reading this book, “The Lean Startup.” and I’ve been thinking about how to apply “startup” methods and notions of testing, and the minimum viable product in the art world: specifically, comics.

I have a longer (probably around 5 or 6 issue story) I’ll be tackling, but in the meantime, what a great way to build an audience, practice craft, and try out concepts and ideas on a regular basis?  Stand up comedians try out material in small clubs.  Broadway opens up in different cities, so, why not try things out on the web.  It’s a low impact way (no printing costs) – and it’s a fun way to connect with people and build an audience.

So, we’ll talk about the things I discover, and the do’s and don’ts – as we go.

I’m going to be toying with the narrative flow in comics as it relates to the web – seems like a lot of web comics still scroll left to right, a leftover notion from the page – but the web isn’t paper.  While the likes of Thrillibent employ borderline motion comic type works… I feel like the web has different opportunities.

I’m not interested in a comic that in’t a comic, but isn’t an animation.  Remember those old Captain America Cartoons?   That’s what I think of, whenever I watch a “Motion Comic.”  I just think – bad animation.


So, how to explore the form and push the boundaries without creating a “wannabe” something or another.  I’ll keep you posted, and we’ll explore things.  I’ll be creating a web comic in the next month or so (I’m determined to get at least 8 weeks ahead).  It’ll come out every Sunday.