So, this whole copying from established comic illustrators is really good.  Seeing as how I’m not in school, and “technically” have no formal, FORMAL training for sequential art or gesturing drawing or anything like that — I’ve got to pick it up from somewhere.

photo 1

On Mondays, I’m not so much copying the specifics of a drawing (although, you’d be surprised how much you notice just when you’re copying layouts)

Today’s sequential practice is from a page in Marvel’s Thor and the Mighty Avengers.

I noticed Samnee drew everything down to the little “post-it” notes on the computer monitor and the filing cabinet behind the action.

photo 2

Big thing for me here is to stretch my muscles, and to be thinking “sequentially” not just – “how do I draw that face right?”

Again, this is a little something every day so that I keep up the chops, and slowly get ready for my next comic (I’m currently scripting it out now).

Anybody out there practice layouts?